BEYA Capital Climate Finance Advisory and Investment is committed to unlocking effectively climate finance flows to countries across Africa, the Middle East and the most vulnerable countries (V20). Headquartered in Casablanca with regional offices in Dakar and Abidjan. To achieve this, we collaborate with NGOs, governments, private sector companies/investors and international financing institutions to develop tailored solutions to climate finance challenges.

  Our Specialties Include:  

  • Customized approaches to help clients understand and access global climate finance
  • Building private and public sector capacity for climate finance via trainings, workshops and the development of customized resources and materials
  • Originating, designing and evaluating impactful mitigation and adaptation projects (Technical design: NDCs, NAMAs, NAPS, TNA, CBIT, MRV etc.)
  • Developing and implementing tailor-made ESS, risk assessment tools and gender policy
  • Designing Green Climate Fund Readiness, Accreditation and Access Strategies
  • Managing international fundraising campaigns for sustainable development projects and the global pre-2020 climate action agenda
  • Understanding climate finance negotiation dynamics to reach 100Bn USD threshold by 2020
  • Structuring National Designated Authorities, consultative committees and non-objection procedures
  • Designing added value events to generate deal flow and innovative climate finance mechanisms for Africa
  • Leveraging private investment flows for climate finance using innovative risk sharing mechanism