BEYA Capital accounts a team of almost 20 people and almost several dozen local and international climate experts. All strongly committed to sustainable development and sharing inclusiveness values. Among which a specialized team in project financing in African countries context, an engineering team specialized in mitigation and in adaptation project design, implementation and monitoring, and a dedicated team to capacity building programs design and delivery. Lastly a dedicated team to financial and administrative management.

The Founder

Mustapha Mokass is a world-renowned expert in designing smart innovative solutions to three of the most pressing challenges of our times: poverty, food insecurity and climate change. Within the World Bank Group and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), he developed his skills in contributing to innovative risk sharing public private partnerships towards decreasing carbon emissions by scaling-up the transfer of technologies towards developing countries. He is a graduate of the Master's in Sustainable Development Program at HEC Paris and holds an M.Sc in Urban and Environmental Engineering. In 2015, he was named a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum.

 Since 2010, he invests his skills for the development of his home country, mobilizing international social investors in support of the agriculture development strategy and the renewable energy development strategy (solar and wind). In Casablanca, in 2011, he founded the sustainability consulting and investment firm BEYA Capital specialized in climate and carbon finance.

 In several inclusive and social business ventures, he founded, he is committed to implement concrete financial and technological models to fight poverty and climate change in MENA and Africa regions. He is also the co-founder of the successful Marrakech-based ecotourism social enterprise Terres D’Amanar ( founded in 2005, employing today 150 people in rural areas of the Atlas Mountains.

 He is an visiting professor of HEC Paris Social and Sustainable Innovation Chair and he authored a book “Fostering a Global Clean Energy Market” L’Harmattan Paris. He was awarded in 2016 among the Top 100 most influential leaders in Africa.